Couple / Pre-Wedding

Today, We have the lovely couple Quinnie and Tom. They came to marriage registration and shoot couple photo at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok Quinnie and Tom's Bangkok Wedding: A Film Photography Shoot at Iconic Locations Prenup photo at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok and Wat

Cherry and Leo are from Hong Kong and Shooting Couple Photos with me in Wat Arun Temple and China Town Bangkok Thailand Wat Arun Temple and China Town Bangkok Couple Photoshoot ถ่ายภาพคู่รัก ในชุดไทยที่วัดอรุณ Cherry and Leo are from Hong Kong, They have traveled

Today, I have a photoshoot from for Bangkok Pre Wedding Photography pre-wedding in Bangkok. I'm so excited to have a photoshoot. Bangkok Pre Wedding Photography with 4 Famous Spot for Grace and Desmond We start with make-up and hair in her

Joyce and their Husband have a Honeymoon in Bangkok and hire Photographer for shooting their special moments in Bangkok. They have select 2 places for a visit in 2 hours.

Wat Pho and Wat Arun is a famous Temple in Bangkok. Every day over 1,000 tourists are visiting this place. Tiara has hired me from SweetEscape to shooting their holiday photo in Bangkok. We've discussed location in the SweetEscape application

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