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On this page, you can see frequency questions from our client. If you have any questions feel free to contact me in contact.

How can we book a package from minne snap?

To Booking the photographer package you can contact us by Contact Page.

WhatsApp +66-94-829-4622

LINE ID: minnesnap

email: [email protected]

And we will talk some details before booking.

How long in advance should I book the shoot?

I suggest you book at least two weeks in advance. But It’s better if you booking when you have a travel plan. And for the wedding must booking when you confirm the date with the wedding venue.

Can I see the photographer's portfolios before I book?

Of course! You can take a look at our portfolios on the website. Because we have only one team for photographer and filmmaker.

Can I reschedule or cancel my booking?

Free Reschedule is applicable if you submit reschedule request by 120 hours ( 5 days ) before the photoshoot date.

What if it rains on the day of the shoot?

Please do check the weather forecast 4-5 days before your photoshoot date. In case rains during the shoot, we can give you extra time and wait till the rain finish. The other way, we get the rest of the time to do a photoshoot on the other date.

What’s a good place to take pictures?

I will suggest the best pots in the city for you. But If you already have ideas in mind, please let me know.

What should I wear?

Basically, you can wear anything comfortable for you. But someplace like temples have a rules. We will share that information with you.

How many people can join in the photoshoot?

As much as you want, But my suggestion 8 people is maxed for 1 hour and  30 people for the 2 hours.

How to meet photographer?

As discussed, I can meet you at the location for a photo shoot. Or pick up you and transportation together.  You can discuss this with us.

What if I'm ruing late?

The photoshoot will run the time that you booked. If you come late, the time will be deducted from the photoshoot. But don’t worry. If we don’t have another shooting after this we can give a bit late times for you.

When will my picture be ready?

Your photos will be edited and ready for download through Google Drive & Google Photos within 3 days of completing the photoshoot.

How many pictures can I download?

You can download all the pictures we shoot.

How will the photos be edited?

The photos will be ready to be edit with our style. And you can select photos for retouch but will be natural. We will make your smooth face and a bit slimmer. But not look fake.

What size are the photos?

You can download high-resolution photos size 3 – 20 MB ( 6000 px ) You can be printed in 50 x 30 inches.

What format will the photos be in?

The downloadable photos will be in JPEG.

Will my picture be shared?

We love to feature our client’s photos on our website and social network. However, if you prefer to keep it private. You can let me know. I will send you the form to ask for permission before the shooting. But If I already post your photo on the internet and you want me to delete it. Please contact me.

Work outside of Thailand?

Yew, I also work outside Thailand. I lover of travel.

Do you offer any additional services?

Of Course! Ask me, about additional services like Engagement, Elopement, Newborn, Maternity, and Pregnancy.

If we cancel the photoshoot, will we receive our deposit back?

Unfortunately no. Your deposit is used to book your date. Once I reserved your date I can not accept other clients for the same date.

Do you offer albums?

Yes, we offer fine art albums.

Can we have all picture in high resolution?

Yes, I deliver all photos in High Resolution.

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